Actually decent Daily Deal?

I’ve been holding out from spending anything on world of tanks for awhile because I’m looking for the right offer that fits what I’m looking for. Currently I have been eyeing the Lansen C for a bit and possibly even the newest German tank (waiting to hear more opinions on it) and always look for gold + anything worth value. Camo and experience boosters are at the bottom of what I want. Premium time is nice but it’s easy to earn when you have the Battle Pass plus all the bonus missions that seem to come out so don’t see the need to pay for it.

My daily deal is:
Lansen C + crew + slot
150k credits
4k gold

Founders bundle:

Bundle Contents:

Lansen C
Unique 3D Style:"Odin's Wolves" for the Lansen C
3,000 Gold
30 DaysWoT Premium Account
5×Demount Kits
1×Garage Slot

Looking for peoples thoughts on if you you’re looking to spend less than $50 on something that’ll enhance your credit earning and flexibility to spend gold.

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