Advent Start and Loot Box Tanks 2022

Holiday ops, Starts on Wednesday the 8thLoot Boxes are available on the 8th -10th and run until January 10th. Advent starts on the 1st with a daily mission and the first Tank from the Advent Calendar to drop would be Thursday the 2nd when the Advent Calendar Tanks begin to Drop.

Caliban – Tier 8 British 

AMBT – Tier 8 USA

Bofors Tornvagn – Tier 8 Swedish Heavy Tank

M-IV-Y  – Tier 8 USA this is the tank with the new mechanic a la the Is3a and the 703-2

M4A2 T-34  – Tier 5   Russian,  Just like the Fl10 from last year, 

Pz.Kpfw. 35 R – Tier 2  German  

A43 BP prototype – Tier 6 British Heavy tank

We just need a two or three low Tier Tanks to fill out the list.

The Loot Box contents are just speculation at this point, can't say anymore.


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