Advice for what line to go down?

Im looking to start going down some new lines. I switched from console a while back thus I don't have many tanks on PC.

About me: never had a tier 10, like light tanks and heavies that can bounce and be competitive.

Lines I have thought about going down
430u – bouncy and quick, having second thoughts since nerf

Russian lights – heard good things, get bounces on them all the time

French tracked lights – good burst damage and challenging gameplay

French wheelies – insane, might be nerfed hard at some
point? Rather not grind to get a tank that is meh

Super high alpha TD? – not a huge td guy but I laugh at the thought of taking 3/4 of someone's hp in one shot

TLDR what line should I go for. Preferably one that doesn't have too many bad tanks in the line. Thanks for any input


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