Advice on Tier 10 HT´s

I mainly play random battles on Heaavy's but i don't have too much time to spend in game. Maybe I am inexperienced with tanks I mention but i want to share my feeling and you can say me what I am doing bad.

IS7. My first T10. I love this tank. Moves well, nice armour and gun with good alpha. You can go first to fight and do well. You can reposition and suport other sites. The bad thing is ammo have low pen and precision.

IS4. Nice armour, but it´s slow so you can´t reposition. You go to a site where you fight face to face and do the best you can. If your team not support you or go to bad site, you are useless.

T110e5. Mix between IS7 an Super Conqueror. Good movility, good armor (but the cupola…), good gun… I play mostly like support tank (helping the heavy´s) but you can go to fight if needed.

Super Conqueror. Same gun T110e5 (little more precise) but exchange mobility by armor. Ammo rack is easily damaged. I play like support tank, behind on heavys and sometimes like defensive tank doing some distraction and making time for mi TD´s to shoot. I dont like fight in first line because I dont feel like nice heavy to do.

Obj 277. In paper, IS7 but better (better gun, better mobility, better armor profile…) but I feel lees armoured. Frontaly any other tank can penetrate you and thanks to it´s shape sidescraping, is not worth because you expose your debil hull.

I have seen that people give importante to DPM but I thinks it´s not important in HT. You peek, shoot, and hide again. If you do 500+ damage, in the long run you win against some with less alpha (like super conqueror, or T110e5)

For a player who want to play random Tier X heavy and have fun doing well, what do you recomend? What i am doing bad?


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