After 4 years, I’m ending my WoT journey; here’s why it was an amazing experience.

Hello folks. I'm a fellow WoT player since I was a beta user for Blitz (mobile game). 2 years ago I switched to PC.

I love this game, and I was still enjoying it. I think it has great combination of arcade, history, competitive gameplay and pretty graphics. Although it is such a sad sight to see this amazing game being murdered by people who developed and created it.

I mainly play German tanks, I find them cool. I don't mind they're being somewhat underwhelming against their counterparts.

I don't mind spending my hard earned money on a game I enjoy. It's really hard to imagine WoT is 9 year old game. WG really did a good job maintaining their main income, sadly with very bad business practices that made game very unbalanced between F2P and paid players.

Back in the day (prior to 2014), only thing paid users were getting much faster tech tree progress, thanks to better credit income and experience. Now, you can buy -blatantly better than their tech tree counterpart tanks- such as Defender, AMX M4 49 (Liberte), WZ-120-1G FT, Skorpion, Chrysler K, Patriot etc. Sadly, these tanks are nothing compared to mighty IS3-A.

What really get on my nerves about IS3-A is, it has very weird balancing mechanics for what it can accomplish. Having very bad gun handling does not justify 3 shot (1170 HP potential) reverse auto-reloader with 1400M/S velocity (just for comparison, Grille has 1200M/S shells). Only thing really worse than IS-3 is lower horsepower engine, although the thing is still as fast as other meta heavies.

I got Defender and IS-3A in a row in 3 lootboxes. It was one of my luckiest moments. Oh boy, they are beasts in their own thing. I enjoyed every single match I played with them. This makes me quite sad because I usually think like "If I'm having this much pleasure from facehugging this poor Tiger II while punching 1200HP in 9 seconds, imagine being in it."

I always thought IS3-A must be rebalanced for this games already stalling health, and refunds should be made for owners. Turns out, I'm was very optimistic.

5 months later, IS3-A returns to shop for all of us to suffer from things I enjoyed while playing it. I simply cannot take it anymore and today I decided I need to take a break from the game until they balance all Tier 6,7,8,9,10 around their broken premium tanks (as all of us know, which will never happen). Last time I felt this sad was when I broke with my ex.

Thank you for reading, I'm sorry if I made you read a useless post; I needed to share my feelings, and it seems like my favorite community in Reddit would be best for it.


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