Alienware 510K and 959 lights issue

Hi guys,

My lights on above stated AW devices are doing what they want during battles, even overriding default theme.


Alienware Command Center cannot find WoT as game, only Game center (which does not have to run during game) so I cannot set default theme for game.

During countdown for battles both keyboard and mouse are flashing white.

While having more HP than circa 10% keyboard and mouse are lighting green.

While being under circa 10% they start lighting red.

Sometimes in garage/loading garage after battle I am getting blue colour (both flashing and lighting + sometimes it is changed to green)

Assuming the behaviour is not happening in any other game/program and also I am playing more HP based games with countdowns before rounds and none is overriding default FX themes it is caused by game.

The issue would not be so much if some of the lights would not stuck and cannot be changed while being in game

For example, both mouse and keyboard are flashing white, not changing to another colour and even when switching to some of the keyboard themes via keyboard (after just seconds after changing it it comes back).

As I am regularly playing with no lights in room I cannot just turn the lights off as I would not see anything on the keyboard. Also would like to lighten up only required keys and not half of the room with all the lights from PC and PC peripheries.

Anybody experiencing something similar or knows how to fix this?


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