All the maps, why they are bad, or sometimes good.

Abbey – Pretty bad map, though it used to be even worse. There needs to be a way to move from middle to the west side.

Airfield – I really like the amount of crossfire opportunity you can create in this map. Gets ruined by arty though.

Berlin – The tank brawling area get's a little bogged down, I need more time on this map to really judge it though.

Cliff – Ruined by arty and should be limited to Tier 7 and under.

El Halluf – Ruined by arty, it's especially offensive how protected the arty camping positions are. The brawling zone is surprisingly dynamic for how simple it is though, good design if no arty.

Empire's Border – Wildly imbalanced in favour of south spawn. I like some elements of this map but needs changes.

Ensk – Simple, but effective. Solid map.

Erlenberg – The city section doesn't really work, it's too crowded with terrain but if you removed the obstacles it would be too vulnerable to sniping in from the sides. I like the design of each side though, especially the castle. Ruined by arty in general.

Fisherman's Bay – Another really strong map ruined by arty.

Fjords – Better than it used to be, needs no arty to open up the map though.

Ghost Town – Excellent map, but very symmetrical. I'm glad not all maps are so simple, it's fine to have one though.

Glacier – Unplayable with arty.

Highway – The northwest section is ruined by arty, and should have a little more cover from the sniping positions. I'd love to see the sniping positions in range of both the NW corner and of each other, potential fun dynamic.

Himmelsdorf – Not actually a good map, but I'll take it just to laugh at arty.

Karelia – Significantly improved. Arty ruins the south path though and turns it in to corner peeking by locking the outside depression area away.

Kharkov – Another basic but effective map. The trench is a great addition to give the central area an effective entry/exit point, wish Pilsen had this as well.

Lakeville – Mostly benefits from the limited effect arty has. Not a great overall design but the limitation on arty allows the whole map to be playable, which is very rare.

Live Oaks – The arty camp spots are too secure on the south spawn. Otherwise I don't think I would change this map at all.

Malinovka – Arty farming zone. Pointless map with arty.

Mannerheim Line – Arty camping spots are way too secure. Very good map with no arty.

Mines – Okay as a tier 7 and under map.

Minsk – Too crowded, needs some space to maneuver.

Mountain Pass – Ice road needs another path in it, also the slope of the ice road is too steep, winning that area provides no advantage because you flank so slowly.

Murovanka – Great map ruined by arty. Arty camping positions should be less secure.

Overlord – Beach area is weirdly alluring to shit players. Another map which benefits strongly with no arty.

Paris – Little awkward in high tier games. Middle position is too powerful if your fast tanks are smart enough to contest it. I guess it's not the map designer's fault if players are bad.

Pilsen – Close to excellent, needs a way to enter the gravel pits area like Kharkov and the far west path through the buildings should have another route for flanking.

Prokhorovaka – Pretty good map, ruined completely by arty.

Province – fine low tier map.

Redshire – Great map, but again arty is way too protected.

Ruinberg – Just needs the east side to be a little wider. The east city is too static.

Sand River – Great map, except 80% of the terrain is unplayable because arty. Also arty camping too safe, I'll say it 100 times, stop putting those deep depressions in spawns so clickers can drive for 8 seconds then unplug their keyboards.

Serene Coast – Arty makes the west side a shitshow, otherwise good map. Thankfully the arty positions are somewhat vulnerable.

Siegfried Line – The field needs a little more undulation to be playable. Arty positions are too safe.

Steppes – Middle trench is a great idea. Overall ruined by arty, yet again arty positions too safe.

Studzianki – More good use of a trench, this time perpendicular to the lines of engagement. The small north hilled is need to flank the brawling zone but gets ruined by arty.

Tundra – Need more ability to pass through the center, faster terrain would help.

Westfield – Great map without arty, disaster with. I'm so tired of leaving LOS of the real tanks then dancing around like a moron hoping to avoid the clicker.

Widepark – Doesn't even work as a low level map. Might be a lost cause, I can't think how to fix it.

This overall lesson as always is remove arty from the game, or at least stop giving them safe positions to go full brain-dead map clicking mode. Turning tracers back on for counterbattery would also help punish common clicker dens.

Pearl River too dumb to be worth thinking about.


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