Am I crazy or is Pilsen absolute dogsh*t if you’re anything but a top tier Heavy?

You see so many people dissing the same awful maps, like Paris, Minsk, Airfield, Abbey, Ensk, Mountain Pass, Highway, Karelia, Siegfried Line, Studzianki…

But I mean, come on guys, save a little hate in your heart for Pilsen! I promise you it's well deserved!

Don't let the fiery visuals and piles of sexy Hetzers distract you. This map is bad. And I mean, dogshit bad!

Well, not if you're a top tier heavy, of course!

Heavies get their own lovely area to brawl each other. Where they can spam gold to their delight, while being safe from arty, thanks to those sturdy roofs, and safe from TDs, thanks to the buildings blocking the view for rear snipers (until it's too late to make a difference, anyway).

Meanwhile mediums get either a giant, empty deathtrap of a warehouse or, in case they're feeling particularly suicidal, a bush-hell corridor for jousting.

Light tanks get an hilly patch the size of a sandbox, to drive round and round until madness sets in.

And finally TDs either get to see the action happening from afar, while having their line-of-sight blocked off by the factories, or, if they're lucky and their heavies suck, they get to land a shot or two and die, as the entire heavy flank collapses on them.

Oh, and they can also seat in 1 of 3 obvious bushes in the other side of the map, of course, while watching the light tank rodeo and getting permanently blindshot. That's quite fun as well I'd say!


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