AMX 13 105 and BC 25t could use minor gun buffs

I feel that the AMX 13 105 and BC 25t need slight buffs to aim time and accuracy.

Even with the best equipment for gun handling and skills and food they just dont' feel like they are quite up to tier 10 snuff. I know the argument is that they have worse handling because they are auto-loaders. I agree with this; however, it seems to me that they have been overly saddled with too great a cost in aim time and accuracy for the privilege of being auto-loaders. This makes them just a little too trolly for a player using them.

As it stands, the BC 25t has:almost the worst accuracy (only the Object 430 U and the M48A2/T54E2/T123E6 reward vehicle have worse with 0.4 base accuracy),the worst aim time (tied with the 121 which has much better dispersion and accuracy), andalmost the worst gun handling characteristics of any tier 10 medium tank (worst dispersion on turret traverse,second worst on moving and tank traverse with only to the FV4202 and TVP 50/51 being worse).

The AMX 13 105 has:almost the least accuracy (tied at second with the WZ-132-1, with the T100 LT having 0.44 but with STELLAR handling and aim time),the worst aim time of any tier 10 light tank by far (the next closest is the WZ-132-1 with 2.0),the worst gun handling overall of any tier 10 light tank (the Manticore is slightly worse on moving and tank traverse but significantly better on turret rotation, note that I am ignoring the derp Sheridan as the comparison is largely invalid).

Looking at base stats in game for the specific equipment:

For the 105 mm D. 1504 [AMX 13 105] I am thinking dispersion to 0.4 (from 0.42, this would put it on par with the Manticore and the 105mm on the Sheridan for accuracy) and aim time to 2.1 (from 2.3, it would STILL have the worst aim time of any tier 10 light tank).

For the 105 mm mle. 57 (D. 1504) [BC 25t top gun] I am thinking dispersion of 0.37 (from 0.38, putting it on par with the T95e6 for accuracy) and aim time of 2.5 (from 2.7, putting the aim time on par with the recently nerfed Progetto 65).

As you can see these are fairly small changes and making these changes for both tanks should still leave the tanks and their guns quite a balanced state as their dispersion values are still quite abysmal for their class and tier. My hope is this would make their respective guns slightly less trolly for the player's using them.

This would also go a long way towards helping the AMX 13 105 to feel less like a downgrade to the AMX 13 90.

EDIT: Note, it could also be that the tank's guns are fine and I am just bad.


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