AMX 13 75 Three Marked

Personal Blurb:
I got unlucky with map rotation with the AMX 13 75, which pushed me into a combat light role more often than I expected. I think I was only able to effectively use my binoculars effectively <7 battles out of the 57 played. Netting me barely any assistance and being an overall detriment to my loadout during the run due to the opportunity cost of missing out on pink coated optics or any of the equipment that buffs direct combat ability considering the way I was playing.

I was hopeful that I'd be able to do a little more safe passive scouting as the AMX 13 75 is a directly middle of the road light tank. Only capable of a little bit of scouting and a little bit of fighting. But losing out in a direct matchup with combat lights like the WZ-131 or T71 DA, and falling short against good scouts like the LTG.

The biggest issue I encountered was the low ammo count, even with the low DPM of 1,743 the 36 rounds we bring will be gone too quickly. I ran out of ammunition so frequently its become a running gag that I'd do a set of push ups after the battle.

Best of luck future markers, I hope the map rotation treats you better!

Equipment: Binoculars | Pink Vents | Pink Vertical Stabilizer
Crew Skills: 7.56~
Consumables: Large Repair Kit | Large Med Kit | Strong Coffee + Vent Purge
Ammunition: 36 Premium | 0 Standard | 0 HE
Map Bans: Ensk | Himmelsdorf

Session Stats:
Battles: 57
DPG: 1,918.18
Assistance: 1,029.04
Survival Rate: 49.12%


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