AMX CDC Desperately needs a massive buff

I have had this tank in my garage for a long time. I played it a lot back in 2015-2016 when I wasn't very good at the game. I recently repurchased it in an attempt to 3 mark it. I don't remember the tank being very good back then, but now, it is compete trash. I recently 3 marked the Progetto 46, which is a better version of this tank in every way. Here are the pros and cons:


  • OK pen (212)
  • Fast
  • Gun depression


  • TERRIBLE GUN HANDLING – For a tank that is supposed to be a sniper, moving the turret blooms the aiming circle way too much.
  • 0 armor whatsoever
  • Very big target
  • Terrible terrain resistance
  • Bad shell velocity

The tank is supposed to be a sniper. It has no armor and cannot make pressure on maps because of arty and its lack of armor. However, sniping with the tank is impossible.

I think this tank needs massive buffs because in today's meta, it is the definition of power creep. Honestly, I don't think much needs to be changed to make it viable. The tank needs to have almost the best gun handling at tier 8, and probably a base accuracy of 0.3 instead of 0.33. Other than that, a base shell velocity of 1300m/s would be nice. To make it even better, they could reduce the terrain resistance a touch.

It would be hard to make this tank overpowered by buffing it. If you get spotted, you are going to be shot by players and arty and die very quickly if you take engagements at close range. This tank currently has no viable way to play it unless you want to fire 25 shots, hit 10, and pen 5 every game.

Why play this tank instead of a Progetto 46? T-44-100? Lt-432? Strv-S1? Skorpion G? It has no place currently.

Let me know your thoughts.

Edit: My worst game with this tank: I fired 27 shots, hit 11, and penned 3. I bounced the ass of a 140, the turret of a Progetto, and somehow a Skorpion G and an artillery. Almost sold it right there.


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