AMX M4 49 vs FV4202


I just completed referral program and I am thinking to choose either M4 49 or FV4202 (I have Patriot).

For me, both tanks fit my play style. I like playing hull down (both of them have good turret armor, at least on paper) and playing as a support. They also have nice standard AP which is nice for credit grinding. AMX has also nice frontal armor, although sadly cannot side-scrape. I have also nice Cromwell crew which also why I am considering FV.

I heard a lot of mixed opinions about them. The bad opinions: AMX gun handling is bad, FV is slow for medium and turret armor is not working. Their DPM is also low. I can understand maybe because there are many better Tier 8 out there. I mean WG will not (or unlikely to) put new or great premium tank for Referral rewards so these opinions are understandable.

I'm leaning towards AMX more than FV because I think I can play better with Heavy at tier 8 Random rather than Medium (and also because it's more expensive lol). But I'm curious to hear your opinion about them.

Thanks in advance. Happy tanking.

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