AMX M4 54 : A formidable martyr of balance

The AMX M4 54. Oh man, a beautiful beast.

In case you didn't know, it gets outclassed by pretty much any other tier 10 heavy tank the same way that the Type 5 does.

But the truth is, that this tank is formidably well balanced, almost perfect in fact. How?

Simply enough, many Tier 10 tanks that beat the living hell out of it are what we refer to as power freaks, beasts of OPness that Wargaming mercilessly send after us.

Guess the main reason the M4 54 is considered bad? well, there are two, in fact;

The armor and the guns.

The armor is… An absolute joke. The cheeks do not meet the standard of even a tier 7 tank. And the sides. The sides, they are 60 millimeters thick. Not even a tier 4 heavy tank standard.

These issues stack up with the fact that the normally formidable front and turret armor are constantly met with gold rounds, and that the two cupolas are a whopping… 100 millimeters thick. It is practically a target to be shot at.

These issues would be easily addressed if the tank would have been mobile, which it totally isn't. And to add up, it is huge, matching the maus' size category.

The guns are not less of a joke. While the standard penetration is rather standard, the gold shells do not get even close to any other tank of this tier.

This tank is in a perfect balancing state, simply because if you take away the gold ammo and the tremendous buffs that the power freaks get, it would be a formidable opponent.

As French tank lover, it pierces my heart how dire of a treatment this poor beast has gotten, and i uselessly beg of Wargaming to address the issue. I suppose they are happy with their revenue with all these premiums and power freaks and i guess this is what matters.

Us players are merely their income, and those who choose unpopular tanks will suffer the consequences.

So is the World Of Tanks cycle.


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