An average players review on an below average tank: 122 TM

Where to start? I guess the good.

It's got great accuracy and best in class shell velocity with excellent top tier penetration on silver and gold. I would also say the alpha is nice…


The bad, is that that reload is so long even with the best build I can muster without spending bonds is still painfully long for the damage you are doing especially if you're 300 damage rolls for christ sake.

The armor can work in theory, but not really since your hatches are 160mm flat no matter how much gun depression you use and to get any useful hull armor you basically need to over-angle to hopefully bounce same tier rounds.

It doesn't end there matey!!! The engine power and terrain resistances are just dreadful. Even with me building for better resistances the tank still feels like I'm driving T57 but slightly faster top speed. Just super clunky and unresponsive.

I cannot recommend anyone grinding this tank out. It's not worth the blood shed and tears just to gain a medium tank that forgot to add a loader to his crew with the commander trying to load two shells at once. It's that painful to play, with the reload speed that freaking long as you watch enemies cross an open field as you only manage to get ONE shot on them… God why doesn't this thing at least have 490 alpha?! Or 500 to be unique?

But if you so dare want to get it, you cannot… You CANNOT play it like any other medium. You are literally a heavium support role. You do not take hits. You do not control any situation, you don't out trade anything. You either sit back and snipe or hide behind your super heavies. If players are super potato you might be able to carry a game but that dpm is painful man.

Heck, you can even build it for camo as it gets a semi respectable 45% stationary with 32% moving if you fully build for it at the cost of reload speed/VR of course…

But how would I build it?

  • Vents in mobility slot
  • Rammer
  • Coated Op
  • Food (A must)
  • BIA (Comes with the tank I believe)
  • SA
  • Recon
  • Rammer directive
  • Offroad driving
  • Snap shot
  • SS (Obvious)

What you get from this build:

  • 12.8-13.5 second reload speed depending on bonds/bounty or normal equipment

  • 470 VR

  • .18/.18/.12 soft stats (These are not that bad for the type of play style you will be doing, heck Maus has similar gun handling soft stats)

  • 2 second aim time

  • .29 accuracy

I cannot recommend running Vstabs or IRM or even turbo as you're not fast enough to get around or play with your mobility. The terrain res is so bad turbo wouldn't even make a dent. It's got worse terrain resistances then T57 in ALL CATEGORIES to put it into perspective… and no one is bitching T57 is fast. Again you're not a fucking medium tank. It's a confused as fuck heavy tank that forgot armor, forgot a loader and shaved it's head so thin that it's hatches are weak as hell. I guess it is literally suppose to cAmP bUSH or hide behind maus while taking shots that have no risk to you.

If you know you're not very good at the game this tank will probably not be for you. It's literally a tank where only people that know their stuff will get the most out of it… even if it takes two days to get the next shell. It's a 4.5/10 if you're anywhere good at the game while being a 3/10 if you're just clueless. I just can't rate it very highly with such a huge glaring weakness holding it back. You really REALLY REALLY notice the reload speed I can't make it that much more clearer. This tank really needs a change in my book. Either raised alpha to 490/500, or dropping the reload speed to 14.5 seconds base.


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