an new techtree idea.

I was thinking the hungarians made some tanks of there own. Perhaps WG could make a hungarian light-med tank Line(a bit like the Czech one. they could use the toldi variants for low tier 1-3. (source: ) or they could use some FT-1 tanks or tankets. for tier 4 they could use the 36/40m nimród they could look a bit more into it for some upgrades for it but the 36/40m nimród was an upgrade from the toldi tanks (source: . They could use the Turan tanks for until tier 6 I think could be only tier 5. (source: they could use up to tier 7 depends on how they make it in game they could use the 44m Tas it's similar to the panther tanks.(source: for tier 8+ they could use tank variants from the USSR tanks or some weird tank design that never was build.

I know it's not the best proposal for a tank line but they already have some hungarian tanks in the game. Feedback would be great


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