Anime Tanks and The Health of the Game

I'd like to start by saying this is by no way a comprehensive look at WarGaming's business strategies or history as a company. It is simply an opinion of mine that I'm looking to get feedback on from the larger community.

The new Girls und Panzer collaboration seems to be extremely polarizing, with some loving it, others hating that anime has infiltrated their game, and many just feeling like the price of the packages does not justify what you get. IE: paying for a tier 5 premium, crew, and skin is not worth it.

I think I am fine with this being sold. In my opinion, we as consumers get a cool, customizable camo that can go on any tank, a unique crew that's fun for some people, and for others, it's just another good german crew, and a tank that doesn't break the game because the only way WG can sell it is by releasing another OP premium tank and then power creeping it. I feel like it's good for game health in that, if WG can make money this way, we may see fewer OP premium tanks in the future, and more customization options/cool collaborations. While some may not have liked this collaboration, if they become more frequent, chances are there will be something for everyone.

In other games this system has worked, selling cosmetics with no game impact, so this could be WOT attempt at a similar model.

I want feedback, not hate, so if you have a problem with this opinion: state your reason/logic and maybe let's all have a discussion about it?

tl:dr – I think anime is maybe healthy for WOT and as consumers/players we may benefit if it goes well?


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