Found this game during Covid19 pandemic start to spread in my country in March last year. Grinding and joining standard battle solwly on U.S tech tree.

Spend lot of time on T6 Medium as a F2P. Then able to find comfort zone and doing DMG pretty well.

After several month, start to playing higher tier until M48 Patton. Then, my nightmare started. I was too nervous when playing T10 using my Patton. I was not able to compete well and mocked by my teammate. Asking me to play lower tier.

I said to myself, what wrong with all these guys. But then starting Jan 2021, i went back to Tier 6 and play it more cautious and more patient.

Then i realized that i am far from "good" to play Tier 8 and above. And they was right.

This game takes lot of time and experience to be able to compete at higher level.

Now i am playing Tier 7 and 8 still not manage to be a the too but mije getting better.

F2P is harder than #Premium.


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