Announce the damn maintenances!

I live in the US but I play with friends in Europe on EU servers. Due to that, I am easily still up and playing when EU servers go down for "scheduled maintenace".

I absolutely hate the fact that they don't announce the maintenance anywhere. Not in game, not in the launcher, and -as today again- often not even on their almost hidden "hot issues" page.

This is annoying the piss out of me, especially on days like today where I still had 3 of my premium boosts available and waited to see if I get better matches to use them for, when all of a sudden the servers are pulled out from under my ass. Match over, got booted. Now my won matches are gone from my history and I can only hope to get back online and get enough wins in to use them all before reset.

If this was a little indie studio with no money, I would understand that comfort features like that are missing. But that's not the case here. They just don't care and rather use the room in their launcher for ads, instead of announcing maintenace.


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