Another take in wheeled tank balancing

So here is from where i come from : i am a player that played a lot of mid tier LT normal and wheeled ones , I also have a good number of 2 and 3 MOE on them so i can say I am somewhat knowledgeable on this topic.

At tier 6 the wheeled tank performed more or less on par with the other ones , the low view range really hurts it and its speed is not high enough to make it unhittable , yes the HE pen is great but turning is like a brick so i consider this one balanced.

At tier 7 it still feels very handicapped by the view range , it got faster but still mist people will hit you , also there is much more apcr being fired . handling is better but not great . i would put this one in the upper half of LT but i think T71 autoloader and AMX 13-75 are better for this tier , it is more or less in par with LTG.

At tier 8 , yes i think the premium is better, i didn’t play this one on normal server but played it a lot on test settings, same goes for all the next ones. At this point most LT balance in all tech trees goes out the window if you are cought by an armored LT u die usually, it starts geting surprise bounces but not OP in randoms in my opinion.

Regarding FL is is so good because of the mobility, and that is the caee for all vehicles since the FL meta is fast tanks mostly.

Regarding t9-10 they seem extremely yolo in play style much like old elc or mt25. the vierd hit box is annoying and they have questionable physical powers , but if they didn’t they wouldn’t be competitive.

also i must point out 2 problems in high tier games: super high view range on mt and ht and the huge amount of LT in the queue, i saw 5 per side yesterday.

So here are some of my options on changes:

  • limit LT per side to 2

  • match wheeled with wheeled

-reduce across the board ht and mt view ranges , maybe have a max 390-400 so a -10-15% across the board

  • increase LT by 5-10% across the board


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