Anybody got ideas for a tier 7 French medium?

Hey everyone, a new French medium tank just hit the supertest, the Bat Chat 12t mle. 54.

This post isn't to talk about the actual tank though; at first glance most people will probably just roll their eyes and think "oh great, another premium tank". I don't think that's what's happening here…

  1. The Projet 4-1 hit the supertest less than a week ago. I had thought that it was going to be a new-age tier 9 premium, but that would be absolutely bizarre for both of these to be premiums, or for one the tier 8 to be a premium but not the Projet.

    1. The Lorraine 40t is still generally regarded as a good premium tank and a crew trainer for the French autoloading medium line, and
    2. Since WG loves "line consistency" from tier 8-10 so much, and since the jump from the BC 12t light to the 25t AP medium is kinda jarring [and the jump from the 12t to the AMX-30 is *super* jarring] AFAIK, this makes me think that WG is looking into opening a new French medium minibranch in the tech tree. Specifically a way for players to get into the French mediums without having to go through the light tanks.

    I mean, it would be kinda nice to not have 3 tier 9 tanks in the tree being completely dependent on the BC 12t which, frankly, really isn't that good of a vehicle and not something I'm terribly interested in grinding out 3 times. It does beg the question about how to get there though.

    The Renault G1R could easily lead to a tier 6 medium, like that weird Sherman with the AMX 13 Turret that showed up in the supertest a while ago, but could easily serve as a tech tree vehicle. The only real gap is tier 7. This then also begs the question though; would this make more sense leading into the 25t AP? Or the AMX 30? I could easily see it working for either.


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