Anyone else disappointed with Object 260?

So I was super excited about getting the 260 , I even played some arty missions to get it,but so far I am really not liking it.

When I compare it to 277:

Armor– Both have great turrets with tiny weakspots, 260 has better upper plate when facing enemy directly. But geez, 260 is much taller, hiding lower plate is far harder, there are even some positions you can´t play because your lower plate is showing and overall being taller makes you bigger target. Another thing about 277 is the unpredictablity of armor, you never know for sure where to shoot to pen. With 260 the armor is distinct , enemies always know where to shoot, you angle a bit to side they shoot one of the upper plates, you don´t angle they shoot lower plate. Spaced side armor is also very showing so they can just hit the part underneath it to pen. With 277 you never know for sure where to shoot. 277 is better

Mobility- Equal in straight line but the turret and hull traverse on 260 is almost like E100/superheavy level. When compared to other fast heavies like 277/113/5A it is much worse.

277 is better

Gun – The gun handling is quite a bit better on 260. But this is a heavy tank and not a sniping medium.Most of the time it just doesn‘t matter. Also 277 has higher damage and faster premium shells which is quite nice.

260 is better

Others- 260 has 0.5 more gun depression but 277 has more hitpoint so it evens out.


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