Anyone else feel like the game is working against them?

So I've been having a pretty bad losing streak for the last days (about 45% winrate), overall I'm not exactly a unicum but I'm a moderately above average player with 51% overall winrate and about 52% overall on all the tanks I still play, but the last few days it seems like whatever I do I can't seem to win, the only few times I win is when I manage to pull off monstrous carries like 6k+ combined, and even then it's close. I VERY occasionally get games where I get carried (had 1 today) or games where I do decent damage (approx 3k) and still win. 95% of the time, if I don't carry, I lose.

Now let me clarify that this is not what happens all the time, it's just been the case over the last few days. What I find very odd is that it seems to get SO much worse when I start getting close to MOE goals. I'm currently trying to 2 mark the obj 430U and I've reached close to 84% several times already, but once I hit that mark the game is just like, no, you're doing too well let me put you in 5 games where you'll lose in 2 minutes. In those games it's literally impossible to get enough damage to not drop.

Just as an example, today I hit 83.5% and then it was followed by 3 losses that took about 3-4 mins max and I dropped back down to 80%.

Just feels like sometimes the game just works against you and no matter what you do, you get fucked.


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