APCR, repair kits, at low tier

Firstly, I'm FtP. I'm seeing a lot of use of APCR ammo at tiers 3-6. I feel like the person using it is almost always negative credits on the match as a result of using it. Is that correct? It seems like a real edge case to try to use APCR to win matches profitably at this tier.

Now, that being said, I have "lots" of credits, compared to my current usage, so using them in this manner could be fun, granted. After my 50% consumables ran out I started to really look at the expenses incurred in a match and stopped using small repair/med kits in battle, prefering instead to take large kits for the protection and just not use them. 2000-3000 credits per battle (at 50% cost, using repair kits always and med kits sometimes) really adds up, at full price especially.

I guess a follow up to this is, if you're a 50th percentile player, how do you make credits, other than missions? Is there a max tier that you can expect to be able to play at a profitable level? To me, that seems to be tier 4-6, with the most profitable being tier 3-4, or even 2-4.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/qe6edd/apcr_repair_kits_at_low_tier/

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