Are any of the battle pass tanks worth it?

I am kinda new to the game (3k battles), and I am planning on finishing the battle pass rewards. I bought the improved pass so, guess I have to πŸ™‚.

I will have 18 battle pass tokens and I am clueless about what to spend them on. I do not own any of these tanks. I have already watched a few videos on them.

Not usable for CWs, strongholds,..

AE Phase 1 – I already own t26e5 for credits+exp. crew, so thats a no.

Char futur- I have no intention to play french mediums, so useless to me

Objekt 777 II – i throught about this, but mostly people say it is shit..and I could get IS-6 for bonds once (got like 6k now through events)

Russian TD – same as char, I do not plan to go for russian TDs

Kunzenpanzer – I am going for a leopard 1, so it might be a good idea to get it? But I heard it is not very user friendly.

So from the above I feel like my options consist of either kunzenpanzer or just screw them all and get bonds for IS-6.

Is there something I am missing? Tier IX will not get me much credits anyway and I can train the crew just by playing the leopard.


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