Are double barrelled tanks OP?

Been playing casually on and off for 7 years.
Saw double barrelled tanks where about to be introduced as I was headed towards another break from the game.
Dismissed it as some ridiculous new mechanic to re-ignite interest such as the siege mode & wheeled vehicle mechanics, seeing it was for Russian tanks as well made me just roll my eyes and think of course their bloody Russian tanks.

However dived back in the last couple weeks and had the KV-3 maxed out so I gave it a go… my damage per game on the IS-2-11 dwarfs all my other tanks! Even when my team lose or I die early I seem to do between 2k-3k damage easily.
I’m a below orange player on xvm, so obviously below average, but just seem to do so much better in these things than any other tank.
The mobility for heavy feels great too.
So as the title asks, are these things OP?………….I mean besides the Russian bias lol


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