Are we near the end of FTP

Thinking that although people scream about wheelies and arty there is actually a combination of two other things which may well spell the end of free to play on WOT for anyone below the top players

The sheer amount of premium tanks alongside +2 matchmaking

Facing a premium which is the same or at most one tier above you is frustrating but not impossible however when it's two tiers higher your tech tree tank becomes cannon fodder.

Tiers 1-4 are already ruined for new players as they are filled with stat padders putting high skill crews in lower tier premiums handed to them for free by wargaming.

Tier 8 is premium city so if your at tier 6-7 in a tech tree tank it's not uncommon to get a match up with 25-30% of the opposition in premiums

The end goal of wargaming must be to convert the game to a smaller premium only player base

They will then carry on inventing fake tanks prob OBJxxx and come up with some new paid enhancements to tanks such as more equipment choices or paid crew skills alongside camo's etc

Lootboxes will become the norm and the days of tank rewards will be long gone

I don't mind as a tech tree lower skill player sometimes getting wrecked but when it's because there is no way the tank from the tree can compete it becomes almost an insult.

Anyway I intend to reduce playing time and prob just play tier 6-7-8 until it becomes pointless and then bail out


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