Are we really not going to talk about the plague of bots in the game

There are at the minimum at least a couple of bots almost every match. They contribute greatly to steamrolled matches which are frankly annoying and not fun even when winning (no challenge) but annoyingly

I'm confused as to why no one is complaining about them and no one is noticing them because they are OBVIOUS.

Some of the observable behavior:
* camping in the corner/sides of the map trying to stay out of enemy reach/spotting and trying to farm potential kills/dmg
* driving without any purpose and tactics – example: driving past an enemy tank to advance towards another tank while ignoring the nearest tank which is one shotable and "focusing" on the farther tank, continuously turning the gun between two/multiple tanks and not able to "decide" to shoot staying in this undecided loop for far too long (usually until one of the tanks gets killed by others)
* clearly obvious micro movements of the turret that no human would ever make with their mouse because that's not how anyone aims
* fake map pinging after dying – they ping on random spots on the map where no enemy/friendly tanks are or were, the pings make zero sense

As usual this will probably get down-voted and explained that those are just bad players. But it's painfully clear that's not how any player plays, the dissimilarities between bad players and bots is just too obvious.

EDIT: Can someone at least explain why talking about bots is such a taboo topic?

EDIT2: I'm on EU.


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