Are you able to make 122 tm work?

I have been playing it exclusively for several days, played about 120 games on it and while I'm more comfortable in it now that in the beginning it still often feels like a struggle playing it.

In 15-3 stomps when winning I can barely get 2-3 shots of damage due to low speed. Reload is annoying as hell, but not as much as I thought initially it would be. It still feels at least 1 second too long than it should be. Armor can work occasionally which is nice.

I've also noticed, I'm not sure if I'm imagining or not, that it feels like it makes less credits that some other prems, like progetto, borasque , 703 II etc.

I'm running vents, rammer, vstab, all regular ones. Not sure if I should "waste" bond equipment on it. I've dabbled with grousers instead of vstab, and while they do make you more mobile, you really feel the absence of vstab.



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