Artillery is so dumb and just a bad mechanic in this game.

I will list the biggest issues with them:

  • Insta-killing doesn't belong in this game. Getting insta killed when you barely have any counter, is extremely bad of an mechanic. Doesn't help the fact how you get around -30k because of the repairs in high levels
  • They should counter campers, but all they do is kill people that actually push the enemies. Arty won't see campers most of time, and if they do, they'll probably be behind a rock.
  • To use them, you need to have luck on your side and take even less skill than the normal tanks. If you use a normal tank, you will need to shoot at the weak spots, ambush people, use tactics, while with the arty you ignore everything and just wait for someone to pop up and press left click.
  • They promote camping.

These are the main issues. What are your thoughts?


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