Artillery Rant.

How the Hell do people really think that artillery is balanced?
-"well it has low health, and its extremely inaccurate"

My Points-

-I get hit consistently by 3 artys 1 shot after another, they have insanely accurate guns with an unreal amount of damage and stuns add on to that annoyance.
-They can have 1 HP and still be OP shits, cause we never see them in the game cause the maps are so big unless a scout gets a very successful push which in my experience is Extremely rare.

How the Hell does anyone think that it's balanced to see the entire map, have very accurate/ Hard hitting guns with stun effects plus chances to damage parts of your tank.

i've been playing this game for a while and i've heard that people say that TD's are a lot more of an annoyance to the game. WELL at least you actually see the TDs and Can Track them to disable their fire. There is literally no counter to artillery. I can guarantee that if there was a day/week of games with no artillery People would actually be a lot happier in the game, with a lot less rage in the community, considering the fact that i see games after games of people TKing artillery on teams. Which at this point tbh, i actually kind of support and approve of. Makes the games a lot more fair. I've had games where both teams would tk artillery and just enjoy the game without the bullshit of shells coming from nowhere with no chance of escaping them.

Make Artillery Strikes an ability. NOT a unit. That would make things a whole lot more fair in my opinion.
Or make Artillery have less range with less damage, or even just decrease the accuracy of their guns, make them get spotted more easily when they shoot and make them be more mobile with less range.
I mean come on, wargaming is a massive company with what im assuming we can call "Big Brains" since they've made such a successful game, and in fact several of them. How can they not catch on that something in their game is not fitting well.

please do something about that. Good Lord. Make the game more enjoyable with a whole lot less rage. You won't lose any money since you guys don't even sell premium SPG's. This has been a massive argument for a Very Long time now.


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