Artillery Sandbox

Like arty or hate arty (the appropriate response) I just wanna say I think the majority of those changes they are introducing to the sandbox are lovely! A proper source of arty counter play is what I've been praying for. The sound detection would be better on Radio Operator than the commander tbh but the improved tracers really make up for the lack at the start.

The Different arty shells would be a point of debate for me and other for sure. The damage difference between the Stunning HE and the Damage HE still isn't enough for me to change which I pick, the damage HE should be a little higher/the splash range should be more and the Stunning HE should be much less IMO to begin to have some proper difference. The AP shell is still meh, with RNG I doubt I would even hit in the first place and penning would still be a stretch. Idk if this is a realistic shell type but if there is a shell that leaves a smog that keeps damaging the player if they stay in it would be really cool. I'd image that a shell like that actually would disincentivize camping.


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