Arty change idea

So, I’m pretty happy with how arty is, but the nerfs seemed to have caused a hulldown meta which is pretty unpopular in the community. (Does anyone else actually enjoy hulldown meta? MBTs are fun ngl) This idea should help counter hulldowns and help arty fulfill its role of damaging tanks in invulnerable positions.

Arty would be made much more accurate (comparable to a normal gun), it would be given a higher rate of fire so that the average arty would fire every 25-30 seconds, damage per shell would be slightly increased, and it would be capped at two per team. BUT, it would have to prepare each shell like a double shot from an ST-II, but with a time of around 5 seconds instead of two, and the reticle could not be moved beyond a certain small distance while preparing a shot. This would allow it to follow the slight movements of hulldowns and other dug in tanks, but would make hitting moving targets near impossible. Thoughts?


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