Arty Focus Experiment Part 2

Hello! Recently on my way to 3 mark my e5, I have noticed myself being more cautious of spgs than ever before. I read the original Arty Focus Experiment a while ago and I found it very interesting so I decided to try one out myself.

I wanted to experiment on how many times I would get clicked if I was playing my main account or my brother's account. Both accounts are free2play so I do not spam gold unless I have to thus eliminating the chance the enemy communicated to their arty to focus me because of gold spam.

Just like the previous arty focus experiment that WardJumpforJesus has done about 2 years ago, I decided to count the number of times I have been stunned over the course of 1000 battles. I also didn't count the amount of times I have been shotgunned. This time I have also played the same tank (t110e5), excluded the same map (sand river), and both were using the anonymizer to hide my clan (even though my clan is a screw around low skill clan). I don't know how xvm works (other than it shows win rate I think?) and my Mac wouldn't support the xvm if I try to use it.


Note: trial time was a week b4 e5 buff to yesterday (after buff) and both accounts were played in NA server and never have played in platoons

Main account: 12k battles ~3000 WN8, ~10k WTR, 56% WR, E5: 62% WR, 3 marked

534 battles 3 arty per side

354 battles 2 arty per side

89 battles 1 arty per side

23 battles 0 arty per side

I was stunned 891 times.

2nd account: 14k battles ~2300 WN8, ~4k WTR, 50% WR, E5:50% WR, 1 marked

561 battles 3 arty per side

320 battles 2 arty per side

74 battles 1 arty per side

45 battles 0 arty per side

I was stunned 325 times.


My main account was stunned 566 times more than the other account. This meant that the better account was about 274% more susceptible to be stunned than an average account. I have not changed the play style when switching accounts, as I pushed when I needed, fell back when I needed and etc, but on the mistakes I did make such as being a bit too aggressive, I was punished more on my main.

In my humble opinion, XVM should not be in WoT, as it increases arty focus and more importantly, toxicity. I can understand when people say that they use XVM to challenge themselves against better players which makes them feel better if they win (just like QB said in one of his videos), but I have seen far too many incidents where players who are not even close to being "good" at the game tell the team that we lost and he will be sitting next to arty with his gun barrel pointing up. I have also seen cases where newer players were bullied because they "sucked", and I admit that I am also guilty of checking their stats after game we lost and put my salt and tilt into them. If XVM continues to be in the game, I see it as more detrimental to the community.

Proposal: I think one of the solutions would be to allow every player to hide their stats from the XVM users, just like how they can hide their names using the the anonymizer.

This is all my opinion and my research. Feel free to share yours and talk among yourselves about this topic, but please be kind to each other and me. Thanks!


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