Arty is an unliked but highly needed game mechanic

Having played 4 years of World of Tanks Blitz (Blitz) and World of Tanks (WoT), I have firsthand seen the differences between a game with arty (WoT) and a game without arty (Blitz)

The lack of arty allows creates top tier games that consist of around 3 heavies, 3 tds and 1 super heavy on each team (at least it did until wargaming released rocket sheridans).

Arty creates breakout opportunities for both teams, hull down heavies cannot sit in depressions or ridge-lines that are in an open field. This allows lighter tanks to take advantage of moving heavies to spot them and harass flanks.

For example, I played a blitz game in the KpfPz70 on Himmelsdorf, even though I was bottom tier in a T10 match, I was able to bounce 5000 damage by camping in a divot while my light platoon member flanked and got the tanks in a cross fire.

This would never happen in WoT, which is good.
Playing a hull down heavy against other hull down heavies is point and click just like arty.

TLDR: Arty creates a more enjoyable game the majority of the time.

Anyways, I’m on mobile so excuse formatting


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