Arty is fundamentally broken and no amount of gimmicks they create will fix it

The entire concept is stupid, it causes tanks to hug walls, be hesitant, it encourages a passive play style. Same thing people have been saying ad nauseum since this game came out. Let's not forget that these incompetent fools DECREASED the reload time for arty, INCREASED the accuracy for arty, added a stun mechanic that made everything worse overall than its original state. It's taken them years to try to fix arty ONCE AGAIN (I count this as the third time, maybe more?). What makes you think they'll get it right this time? Wargaming readily jokes about how hated arty is, if this is the case why are you keeping it around? Fear of removing the OP premium arty you doled out to try to stop the bleeding?

Wargaming CANNOT balance arty because the concept itself is broken. Letting people know they're going to get shot at isn't going to change much, in fact it's going to piss off a lot of people. Making tracers more visible will mean fuck all to the majority of the low skill cap players in M44's that dominate Tier VI. I give it 2 weeks before arty players get used to the changes and probably dominate even more. The only way to even make this broken concept bearable is if it was one per team, and they cannot do that, as it would require listening to their playerbases outside of the Oblasts.

They're trying to balance the enjoyability of the game for artillery players and people who play World of Tanks. The two are contradictory.


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