ARTY needs to be less accurate. What ever with the rework, fact is regardless of what your doing a fully aimed in arty gets a direct hit way to often.

If i had a stat that counted how many times i was hit by arty
and another stat of how many times arty has direct hitted me
I would have a 85% direct hit chance.

The only rework ARTY needs is reduced accuracy and inverted RNG where more shots land near the edges. "GOLD" rounds for arty should be replaced with AP that reverts that RNG back to normal but also doesnt do what 2011 arty did. ALSO if ARTY SPLASHS FOR 0 DAMAGE DONT KILL CREW MEMBER. easy? easy. Count the any splash damage as hits instead of a miss, same should go with spashing HE with a derp on the ground to splash up to a tank.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
50% of the player base my ass.


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