As someone coming to WoT as a brand new player with WoWS experience, WoT really need to work on their new player experience

I'm familiar with the whole idea of grinding and upgrades but as a brand new player I found the following too overwhelming and uninstalled after 1 hour and 2 battles:

  1. Crews aren't explained properly – Do they stack? I kind of got the feeling their skill grows as they get more experience but that's very very poorly explained.
  2. WAY too many options to start – Why are you showing me all these mods I can put on a T1? It makes me instantly feel like my little T1 tank isn't good enough because I can't afford all the neat little upgrades to parts as well as vents n whatever other equipment shit is shown. In fact, I couldn't decipher the difference between the 2 different sets of 3 boxes, I think one was equipment like first aid, track repair, but can't recall what the other one was
  3. WAY too long for random battles – I was waiting over 10 minutes to join a battle… I don't know if the game has frozen or if the game is completely dead and devoid of players. Throw some bots into T1 matches or something?

I don't know if I just got overwhelmed but no one really explains what the different tanks are, what their role is, what their icon is, how its best to be facing straight on due to your front armour etc etc.

Just really let down cause this was going to be my new addiction and felt the new player experience was poor af


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