Asia server the”up-side down world”

Asia server is sure a up-down world everything you've do in EU-RU it's illegal in asia server. You die=you are idiot, you go hill=you are idiot, you don't go hill=you are idiot,you told them do their job from their tank role=you are idiot. There is alway be someone in your team call you idiot and everybody seem love camping LT camp, heavy camp and a while ago i played RHM tank destroyer and LT camping again i didn't see anything so i told him to go spot and you guess what? A freaking SPG player call me idiot and trying to push me off the bush(his english is not strong but i can understand ) he said after match end " i don't like your type who sitting still and told everybody what to do,idiot" at first i don't understand what he want to say. i mean i'm a TD my tank was like a paper with a gun and it slow as hell concealment only 15-20 while moving and that word was from SPG player you know my mind went blanked for 3 second when i seen it. If you want to survive in this server you need to be like them but don't lose yourself to this server, go play other server to remind you what you are.

                                                6 years veteran asia server
                                                            (Help me)


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