At some point you just have to remove the game.

Theres been a few discussions if the MM is rigged. It is. I really like the game and have spent a lot of hours into it but this week completely killed it for me. You will have some bad luck every once in a while, yeah I get it. But in every match for a week?

Since like a month or so I started to watch more videos from good players, and took it to the heart. I wanted to get better, I like this game. Got my avg wn8 to 1500-1600 for a good time and WR around 55% over 200 matches. This past week all my shots keep missing or just bouncing and matchmaking gives me insane matches where the whole team gets run over in a few minutes. 38 matches, 23% WR and WN8 avg of 508 because of disappearing shots, equipment breaking down, tanks burning and matchmaking where whole team just gets reckt in 3 minutes.

Some great examples: M46 patton, 10 fully aimed shots to the side of a conqueror and centurion and only 2 hits. Complete misses every other. 703 II point blank dual shot to the side of a medium tank, double critical with no damage. Obj 277, good spot to hold and defend, set on fire TWICE by arty with consecutive shots and burned in the first 3 minutes. 703 II brawl situation, shots to middle mass of tank and 3 aimed consecutive shots just curved around the enemy. etc etc…

Thanks wargaming. Been trying to get this going again for a week but now I'm done for a while, removed WOT. Still got some premium time left but f*ck it. Gonna install it again after a pause but damn I'm fed up with it right now.

Anyone experienced these "you are doing too good, heres some RNG for you" streaks?


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