Balance problems in the matchmaker

Do you ever have that moment when you look at the team cards during the countdown and you just straight up think to yourself that the battle is already decided before it even began?
Reason being very unbalanced matchmaking, like when one team has a 279e and you have nothing to counter it or some other OP tank in one team when the other has some out of meta garbage.

This get's even worse if you're using XVM and you look at the skill gap between some players and how it's distributed in the team.
(Yes I use XVM, plz don't flame me for using it. It's freely available to everyone, therefore it's not an unfair advantage because there is literally nothing stopping you from installing it apart from yourself).

Imma give an example from a game I had today to make this more relatable:

I was playing my totally fair and balanced Vz 55 on Minsk and as luck had it I got a top tier match.
The enemy team had an IS-7 as my equivalent.
You'd think, well that sounds fair, but to add on top of that he was an average player and only had 6k games.
(Spoiler, I have over 19k games).
So not only was there a massive gap between the power of our two tanks, I also had the experience advantage. And just because of those two things we completely annihilated the enemy team 15:3 because after getting rid of the IS-7 there was nothing that stood in my way of literally rolling over the enemy team with my fair and balanced tank.
And thus, the game was basically decided because of two people.
I know ranked is a thing but wargaming should IMO really put at least some amount of skill into consideration when making a match. Like with the recently updated platoon system. It will look for players with similar WTR to you. Why not try the same for the matchmaker? (with certain exceptions of course so you don't have to wait 5 minutes to get into a match).
I honestly wouldn't mind waiting an extra 30 seconds if that's what it takes to get fair matches that don't end in a 15:3 after 4 minutes.

Anyway, sorry for the long rant but I was feeling salty and I wanted to open up the discussion.
So feel free to tell me about your takes on this.
I am really curious to see all the different perspectives from y'all regarding to skill and experience in WoT.


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