Batchat 25t AP Three Marked

3MOE Battle

Personal Blurb:
Easily one of the weaker tier 9 medium tanks, I feel it's only stronger than the T-54, WZ-120, Obj.430 and Obj.430 II for combat potential. Otherwise don't expect much out of the Batchat 25t AP and we won't be disappointed.

However it does have a few strengths to leverage – Stunning mobility, strong on-the move camo of 31.21%, magazine depth of 1,800 damage and weirdly decent soft stats, competing competently with the Skoda T50 & AMX 13 90 for best soft stats on mobile autoloaders. So long as we can survive towards the end of the game, these aspects become a little more useful.
The two biggest pitfalls future markers need to be aware of is the in-between reload of 2.73s is a hair too long and will earn folks an early exit to the garage if they're not careful. To empty a magazine were looking at 13.64s~ which is asking for disaster. While it can be frustrating, often times its better to trade three for one, or two for zero, then pullback and reload prematurely with the 'C' key. The HP pool and armor is not setup to take damage needlessly, always try to have a point for the HP invested in a move. The choice between a long reload and losing hundreds of HP is clear, play safe. The other pitfall to be wary of is a little more nebulous – Quite frankly the after shot camo while stationary is awful, when compared to more or less the same chassis of the Char futur 4 and the tier 10 Batchat 25t it's less than half of what they get. This will lead to weird situations where we think were safe, let off a round from 15+ meters behind a bush and then immediately get spotted. Be prepared for dumb situations like that.

The Batchat 25t AP is one of those tanks folks will use the mobility to get themselves into trouble at the start of the game and explode. Don't be one of those people, hang back a little more, let the game develop and then make a deadly move.

Primary Configuration

Primary Equipment: Purple Ventilation| Pink IAU | Purple Vertical Stabilizer
Primary Consumables: Large Repair Kit | Large Med Kit | Strong Coffee + Stabilizer Greasing

Secondary Configuration

Secondary Equipment: Purple Coated Optics | Commander's Vision System | Purple Vertical Stabilizer
Secondary Consumables: Large Repair Kit | Large Med Kit | Strong Coffee + Optical Calibration


Ammunition: 42 Premium | 0 Standard | 0 HE
Map Bans: Ensk | Himmelsdorf
Crew Skills: 7.87~

Field modification choices – 1/2/2/1

  1. Module Durability
  2. Improved Sight
  3. Anti-Reflective Headlights Coating
  4. Breech Tweaking

Session Stats

Do your best out there markers, we believe in you.


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