Battle Pass SEASON 3 will be American T110E5 vs. Russian IS-4

How do I feel about this personally? I give WaRgAmInG a 6 out of 10 for this one.

On one hand we have 2 classic tanks that have been around since the beginning of the game. Tanks which will now be receiving 3-D styles and the chance for another skilled commander…

Great, right? Eh, sorry I have to complain. WaRgAmInG is repeating two nations that have already been used in other seasons. I figure they'll do some sort of "best of" thing where they continue the pointless story they're doing with the commanders. That leads me to believe that Soviets and the US won their respective seasons (screw the Britts and the Czech right?), and they are going to have the two duke it out in season 3.

I think I would have been really happy with… oh… Idk…. ANY other nations? Germany vs. Japan… China vs. Italy. Poland vs. France. Leopard 1 vs. STB. 121 vs. Progetto 65. 60TP vs AMX 50B. So many possibilities and opportunities to spotlight other nations other than the two with tanks you just buffed and are now shoving down our throats again.

I am not completely let down. These are opportunities for free bonds and blueprints. With USSR being on the board again the national fragments I will for sure use to finish the Obj 705A with minimal free exp. But I am sad they aren't showcasing anything else. My Leopard or STB could use a 3-D style.


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