Battle Pass Season 4 is a waste of time, don’t bother with it

  1. JUST 150 total blueprints you can get from the entire grind. It's MASSIVELY less than past seasons. That's nr.1 thing that makes this event worthless. Idk about you, but I was playing it to grind tanks easier, they removed it, I'm out.
  2. NEW TANKS BEHIND A PAY WALL – You guys at WG are shameless. Are y'all blind? How do you not see how much people hate you already? Absolutely disguisting practise, further making me happy that I gave up spending money on this game 2 years ago. You will only make this community hate you more, it will not increase your sales. There isn't much talking here, it's just pathetic and y'all should seriously consider not supporting this game financially. WG got too spoiled.
  3. The 3d styles suck, especially fully upgraded – IMAGINE being a graphic designer and making a 3D style look better the less you work for it. The 4th level of style looks hideous. Y'all think there that if you add alot of shit on a tank that it will make it look cool. This is not some kids game, there is alot of adults playing. Nobody likes Transformers like looking styles, that TVP style still hurts my eyes when I see it
  4. Overall the rewards suck compared to last year, it's a huge nerf. Look WG, I get it you realized you were too generous before and made the game easy but you can't just nerf all rewards and expect people to take it without a word. Atleast say that you didn't balance the system well and people were able to get so much shit it was crazy. Your players will really appreciate honesty, once again, you have alot of mature people playing your game. We get it, just don't fucking treat us like morons and nerf shit in front of our faces without a word.


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