Battle Pass Season 6

So I'm grinding my way through BP and enjoying the consistent stream of rewards (some more than others) and I'm looking forward to season 6. It's only about a Month away so I'm starting to get an itch to know what might come of it.

I've got a few tanks that have been the core vehicles and have grinded my way to particular tanks because I liked the skin so much. I've got a few other tier 10s that I like and which I'd like a decent 3D style for (I refuse to put the UDES 15/16 style on my precious baby), so I was wondering if anyone knew or what your thoughts on what the next theme of BP could be and what the next vehicles could be?

I reckon it'll be at least one German tank because a) There's so many of them & b) the last few BP videos WG have released all point to the German Engineer who was the main antagonist in the Last Waffentrager event a year or so ago (I hope this comes out again).

Any thoughts?


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