Battle Pass – Season VII Progress, incl Chapter IV – “Queen of the Night” – May 12th-23rd

Hey Tankers, here's what your average rate of progress through Battle Pass Season VII needs to look like to complete all chapters before Seasons' end in the early hours of May 30th, updated to include the special 4th Chapter "Queen of the Night".

If you're still playing through other chapters, you can put them on hold and activate the Chapter IV during this event, commencing in the early hours of the 12th of May and running into the early hours of 23rd of May. Note that while average progression through the event to date has been ~83pts/day, the new chapter complicates things. If you've only maintained average progress thus far, you will need to gather 160pts/day in Chapter III effective today if you are taking on Chapter IV at the minimum average of 182pts/day.

For the Battle Pass generally, your best bet for completion is to focus on your usual Daily Missions in Random Battles – There are 45 Battle Pass points per day available from your regular Daily Mission completions, plus another 25 if you complete your Bonus Daily Mission. Additionally, if you attempt these missions using Tier VI+ vehicles, you can also earn between 3-7 Battle Pass points if you place Top-10-by-EXP on your team. Obviously a higher EXP-placement on a winning team will be yielding the upper limit of this range.

Note that each vehicle has a limited number of Battle Pass points that it can accrue in the season, however if you hit that limit you'll get a nice bonus of 15-35 Battle Pass points depending on the vehicle Tier. Lower tier vehicles give a smaller bonus, but also have a lower Battle Pass points limit


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