best setup for char futur? talk me out of a mistake?

I am currently about 50 games in on the char futur, about to get my first mark. I feel that I'm doing pretty well in it and it's one of my favorite tanks. I'm using a borat/bc25t crew with all the skills.

I currently run optics/vstab/irm with food. This allows me to poke quickly without the horrible gun handling forcing me to sit still to land the first shot. I find that I tend to play it like a non-autoloading medium (ie, like a Leo 1 with fast reload) and switch to scouting/flexing when I'm on reload. I shoot almost entirely APCR.

I am considering switching to bounty vents/optics/vstab which would give me a little more view range, camo and base accuracy. But I don't feel that my vision (currently at 482) is holding me back, the camo seems adequate and I am not really derping shots with the current .31 accuracy.

Is there some upside to bounty vents I'm not considering?


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