Best tanks for farming Mastery Badges

For the campaigns, obviously. There are huge gaps in my tech tree knowledge. I've unlocked just under 20 tier 10s. So if anyone knows of particular gems for getting mastery badges, please post up. Tier 6+ obviously. I think an easy way to accomplish these missions is to take one of your tier 10 crews, train them back to something in a lower tier that is good but overlooked and tryhard in it.

For mastery badges, I have found the following seem to get ace mastery badges pretty easily:

  • Alliance
    • Caernavon- it seems to get skipped over for the conq, has a terrible stock grind but is actually quite strong once upgraded with great armor and a buzzsaw gun. No one seems to like this tank, no idea why.
    • Excalibur- I get great results in this thing playing it for fun. I think people unlock it and forget about it for the most part.
    • T28 prot- a tank commonly driven by bad players IMO, I found it very easy to outperform in
  • Coalition
    • BC 12 t, BC 25 t AP- the red headed stepchildren on the way to the batmobile. Tier 9 one has weak view range but is otherwise quite capable of being good if you equip it with food and a decent crew. 12t is another high potential tank that good players skip.
    • Leo- this tank is kinda meh unless you load all gold in the 300 alpha gun, at which point it becomes a Lansen at tier 7… which is OP as hell.
    • Any swedish TDs below tier 8.
    • ARL 44
  • Bloc
    • no idea on this one. I had some good performance in the middle of some of the german trees but no clear patterns where there are easy badges
    • japan, no idea. I haven't touched the med line yet. Heavy line is typical low skill cap hurr durr crap.
  • Union
    • T-43, T-34-85. I think these get skipped a lot and are actually quite good.


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