Best USSR/China tier 8-10 vehicle for farming kills for campaign missions?

What is says on the tin. I am almost done with 279e campaigns but I have a few Union missions in front of me that all have the same basic requirement, reliably get kills, including the 2x Top Gun mission (6 kills twice in 12 games). I'm open to running bond/bounty equipment, food and shooting gold ammo, just want the missions done.

As usual I suspect most of the trick of these missions is picking the right tank and my current main candidates are:

  • T-44 variant (either tech tree or T-44-100), T54mod1 has garbage gun handling, don't like.
  • KV-4 (fully kitted out this tank has decent armor and a reliable gun)
  • ISU-152 very high alpha and pen make it easy to steal kills, but this tank is very map and MM dependent since it has no armor and is slow
  • IS3A- not currently for sale in NA but would probably be great
  • Obj 274A- not currently for sale but strikes me as kind of similar to the Lansen C, a tank I have had great luck farming kills in.

I haven't included any tier 10s because I don't have a great history getting lots of top guns at tier 10, at least not in any RU vehicles.


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