Better gold ammo rebalance idea

Instead of decreasing damage of gold ammo on sandbox (which has a lot of downsides, and thats probably why WG canceled it, example: Tier8 tanks will suck a big… hamburger fighting tier10 tanks, shooting, aiming their weakspots, and penetrating them for 200 dmg hehe fun play), Just make RNG on standard ammo penetration -0% + 25%.

Currently, I(And many other gold spamming players) mostly mainly use gold ammo because I fear -25% penetration rolls on already "meh ok" base rounds pen.

If is7 is currently looking at Is7, he has 68% penetration chance with AP into LFP, which is not that good actually and can often decide a lot in certain situations. Also with 68% pen chance, chance of not penetrating few times in row is bigger than you think. For example chance of penetrating twice in row is 0.68*0.68 = 0.46(46%), and thats kinda meh really, compared to 0.9*0.9 = 0.8 (80%) pen chance of 303 gold ammo.

You would say, but hey, AP also has chance of rolling +25% and yeah, that's true, except… does anyone in their right mind ever shoot with AP into armored areas of tanks thinking "I may roll +25% bro right"? Well no, not really*(I mean I've seen 45% players shooting and penetrating with AP into places that normal players would not. ever. do. but that happens just out of lack of their knowledge of the game, because good players don't risk gambling and would prefer to either load gold ammo or find other tanks or ways to shoot damage),* you just load gold ammo in these cases so its more like "I don't need to roll +25%, I will still pen it". (Except I do actually spam AP into 50/50 or even 40/50 spots on tier8 premium tanks sometimes if its really unavoidable to do so, because I want to farm, so a one situational exception here).

What will -0 + 0.25 RNG on base rounds give us?

is7 can penetrate is7 into lower plate at right angle with 100% probability at such angle(LFP 230mm effective):

around 40% pen chance at such angle into lower plate and 100% pen chance into 246 effective cheek:

And no, don't think it will replace all gold ammo in the game or makes gold ammo basically useless. Because taking harsh approximation of normal distribution of RNG values into account, most shells will land near 250 – 270 range anyways. And you know, there is like near 5% probability of it rolling 300+ and thats Very low probability.

The +25% of AP shell could just be resolved easily by +15%. (Anyways. I create a discussion just to discuss and maybe perfect and improve this idea even further, put your ideas in comments.)

Conclusion Q&A

Q: What is currently wrong with gold(We call "special" rounds gold ammo) and AP(We call standart ammunition AP) ammo?A: we have 3 shell types, theoretically, for balance purposes, they should be Fulfilling eachother, one shell should be able to do what 2nd cant, and 3rd shell should be able to do what other 2 cant. If WG didn't want this to be true, they would just make 2 shell types(And well, its kind of true so far. We practically have 2 shell types. Gold + HE)

Q: What is this post about?

A: The post is not really about my Implementation of gold, AP ammo, its more about idea of touching RNG directly, instead of touching values that are not in control of ours. WG's first lazy-ass implementation of gold ammo nerf was conceptually broken(in a bad sense), imagine having 292 alpha on is3 gold ammo, and on top of that you get -25%: dealing 219 damage to well aimed, skill used, enemy tier10 lower plate or another weakspot. Yes, very funny. This is also considering tier8s dont get much opportunity to shoot back at tier10s that often. This 219 damage may cost is-3 a lost turret or cooked crew.

Q: What is your idea of gold/ap rebalance(shortly)?

A: Completely removing -25% from AP rounds. This will allow to RELIABLY use AP to penetrate armor that you know you should penetrate. And use gold ammo only to shoot stuff you cant penetrate with AP.

Q: How will this affect the game?

A: This will increase use of AP rounds among gold spamming players. Finally, shooting 250 effective plate with 250 AP round will be 100% pen, instead of 50/50 of current.

Q: How will this affect the company?

A: Since It will decrease use of gold ammo, players will loose less credits, this may cause WG to decrease profitability of AP rounds(By making them more expensive) based on actual statistics wg pls, so that profitability stays exactly the same as before.

Q: Do you have any other ideas?

A: Yeah, sure, heres another brainstorm:

  1. increase penetration of AP rounds by 10% and decrease RNG by 10% (+-15%)
  2. Increase gold round RNG to -35% + 25%, decrease AP round RNG to + – 15%
  3. There are million ways to experiment, really unsure why WG didnt start with this instead of just lazily nerfing gold ammo damage by 25%.


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