Big suggestion!

Hi Wargaming. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have 30k battles in this game and i love playing it. I have 2 feature suggestions that im 99% sure all players will love to be included in the game

First :


Add nametags for tanks where you can buy it for specific amount of gold or rent it for credits and use it on your favorite tank. the nametag will not be visible on the tank but it will show only when you are driving your tank or spectating your friendly tank or you see it when you get killed by enemy in kill camera so it will only visible on the UI. for example your are specating a Maus . in the UI it shows Maus (what_ ever_ the_ player_ wants_to_ name_ his_ tank) the "()" is the name tag and there should be a character limit


Make tank paint have camouflage bonus just like regular camouflage because so many players including me want to customize their tanks with paints and we dont want to be uncompetetive and use stock camo, i think being able to customize your favorite tank with paint is really fun and WG should think about it. maybe increase paint price?

My game name is AGDZ0 my email is [](

lets me know what you think guys


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